ATEC Steel, LLC Safety Milestone

We have recently celebrated 36 months (421,200 + man-hours) of being injury free at our fabrication facility. ATEC Steel, is a manufacturer of API 650, 653, 620  and ASME Pressure Vessels, Pressure Piping and Power Boilers, which is headquartered in Baxter Springs, KS.

Secrets to Our Safety Success

Safety is our top priority at ATEC, not only because we care about our employees, but also because we understand that potential customers are looking for contractors who operate and make safety a top priority.

So what is ATEC doing differently than other companies that allowed us to reach this remarkable 3-year, injury-free milestone?

   1.  We empower our employees to stop a job if they feel it is unsafe for any reason. No questions asked.

   2.  We promote a culture of safety by hiring safety professionals and bringing in experts to teach our employees about safe work practices; safety training is job essential here.

   3. We involve employees in pre-job analysis to help determine how to do a job safely based on their past experiences.



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