Top-level Design, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction.

Cradle to Grave Management of Above-Ground Storage Tank Projects.

If you’re looking for any type of field-erected tank, our engineers are experts in design required to comply with the rigorous standards across multiple industries regardless of the products stored. Our professionals serve on the API 650 oversight committee regarding the design, construction, and testing of above-ground storage tanks.

Additionally, upon mobilization to your site, our expert field crews use the latest and best field-welding equipment available. They fully understand the importance of maintaining project schedules and quality construction and adhere to our customers’ and company’s rigorous safety requirements.

Typical above-ground storage tanks we provide

  • Cone roof tanks
  • Cone roof tanks with internal steel and aluminum floating roofs
  • Open top tanks with external floating roofs

Additional Above-Ground Storage Tanks We Provide

  • Self-supported umbrella roof or dome roof
  • Sloped-shovel type bottom tanks
  • API 620 double wall tanks for cryogenic applications
  • AWWA D100 standpipes and ground reservoirs
  • Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

Tank Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintaining the integrity of any above ground storage tank is key to preserving the life of the tank as well as adhering to industry and regulatory compliance.

After the tank has been inspected and a report has been generated, ATEC can assist with any tank maintenance or repair that has been identified within the API 653 Tank Inspection Report. Typical tank Maintenance and Repair services offered by ATEC, but not limited to include:

  • Foundation Settlement Solutions
  • Bottom Repair or Complete
  • Replacement
  • Shell Repairs
  • Fixed and Floating Roof Repair, Modification, or Replacement
  • Floating Roof Seals Repairs or Replacement
  • Tank Fittings & Appurtenance Repair, Modifications or Replacement
  • Stairway, Handrail, Platform & Crossover Additions, Repairs or Replacement

Tank Foundations

All structures require a solid foundation and tanks are no exception. With experience in a variety of tank foundations, our engineers ensure the right design and methods based on the needs of each specific job site and geotechnical report.

Once the tank foundation design has been completed, we work with a select group of subcontractors who specialize in tank foundations. Additional services required for tank foundations and available from us and could include any combination of the following:

  • Geotechnical Report
  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Containment dikes
  • Under tank liners
  • Leak detection
  • Cathodic protection

Tank Coatings & Linings

A durable finish and the proper lining will ensure a longer life for your tank. We can help identify the right internal tank linings and exterior coatings based on the product to be stored and the environment in which the tank will reside.

Additional services available:

  • Shop blast & prime
  • Customer logos and numbering
  • Galvanizing